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Great Read: When a City Changes...

Many of us are life-long New Yorkers, some of us came as adults. Even having been here for 7 years (to-the-day, actually) as I have, change has been witnessed and manifested in many ways. The Williamsburg apartment that was my first home in NYC is now 5x the price in rent, literally. And it hasn't even been renovated.

My favorite diner in the West Village is now a not-so-awesome club. A good friend and well known restaurateur just informed me last week he's losing his lease in NYC to pave the way for another shoe store that slings slingbacks I'll never be able to afford. The meatpacking district is now mostly (and sadly) unbearable. Even 7 years ago, there were great gems like APT hidden away there for cocktail fun that never felt pretentious. Bleecker street, steps away from my office, is as bad as SoHo on a Saturday. And Elizabeth Street, in my mind one of the most amazing streets in this city, now is rich with chains and overpriced Japanese denim.

Change, as I remind my friends who are fighting it hard out in Montauk (my second home), is inevitable. Not always good, not always bad...but always going to happen. As someone (originally a singer perhaps?) once said "the only thing that stays the same is everything changes"...

Really enjoyed diving into this read from a life-long NYer lamenting the change that is happening in this city. Whether you live in New York or Charleston, SC or Montauk or Venice Beach or Bloomington, Indiana, I bet you can relate. I suggest you take the five minutes and read it.


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