Faena's Bazaar 8-Day Pop-Up!


Get a first look at our client Faena's Bazaar opening this fall with a pop-up preview over swim week! Each floor of Faena will be transformed into a different color-themed experience featuring one-of-a-kind designer suits, art pieces and home decor. 


750 Words

Stumbled upon a nifty little website the other day, and it got us to thinking. Could this writer’s strategy help us be more creative and innovative in our day-to-day? The long and short of it is this: this writer was inspired by an idea he first ran across in The Artist’s Way, encouraging you to write 750 words every morning. There is no structure here- no focus, no prompt. You are encouraged to write anything and everything that comes to mind. The philosophy is, if you can get into the habit of unloading these thoughts early in the morning, you’ll be clearing your mind and prepping for the rest of your day.

In his experience, this exercise has become a total brain-dump. It organizes the day, lets those random tangents loose, and get your creative juices pumping.

Though we haven’t taken a stab at it yet, we figure this guy may be onto something. What do you think would come of giving yourself 750 words every day to let loose and think abstractly? This kind of unstructured environment has the potential to inspire ideas you may have never had otherwise.

Let us know if you try it out, and make sure to check out the “gamified” program the Writer created for the exercise:

App: IKEA's Go Happy to Bed

Ikea is THE furniture staple for collegiates, up and coming 20-somethings and those of us who perpetually love affordable, clean, modern pieces within our home. Of those sitting around the conference table currently, all 7 of us can think of at least five pieces of Ikea-ware we have in our homes from glassware to lamps to bedframes. This makes it prime for a brand that many would like to engage with...and really NEED (at some level) to interact with, especially during the move in/out cycle.

Not a stranger to innovation both in product and in digital marketing, we were excited to poke around with their latest interactive experience a YouTube-hubbed social application that syncs with Facebook data in order to provide a curated and customized room for the user. Of course this is for the UK consumer (e.g., not all product is available here) and of course it requires some ungodly current version of Flash, but once you get it loaded it is pretty dang cool.

Why we love it:

  • It integrates multiple social platforms with purpose (rather than just having social sharing or content feeds to have it)
  • Straightforward user experience - delivers on a simple value proposition without getting caught up in bells, whistles
  • It's pretty dang realistic
  • It's fun! Frustrating at times...but ultimately fun.
  • It delivers against the providing of unique value, which we believe is core to the success of any user experience in digital

This is all a part of the GO Happy to Bed ad campaign which is quite adorable in that warm and fuzzy feeling kinda way. Sample spot here:



Love: The PEN Ready Project

The idea of giving consumers your product and asking them to experience it - really use it - and document that usage isn't a new one. There are hundreds of seeding programs that take place like that every single day for brands across the globe.

However, we really love the implementation of this one done by Olympus for their new DSLR camera. Conceptually, it is simple, seed 1K cameras to 1K people and ask them to share photographs. Compile those photographs in a hub. Give people a little bit of context about the "everyday people" shooters (e.g., Claire, photographer, NYC).

Why we love it:

  • Content is easy to view with the visual leading, as it should
  • They aren't trying to over socialize the experience with a ton of sharing tools - it is clean, concise
  • Content is syndicated across relevant channels -, Facebook, Tumblr in a curated, easy to follow format
  • There is some really creative cool content there
  • Content is from across the globe and you can track it by camera #, location or keyword (tag)
Ultimately this is a simple, well-executed idea of a somewhat over-exercised tactic. This is a great example of how the wheel doesn't have to constantly be reinvented in order to work. You don't have to wow with innovation, just wow with great straight forward execution...and let the content and creativity of your consumers lead the charge.

John on Steve

Our friend John Mayer chats Steve Jobs on his Tumblr blog, One Forty Plus. A great anecdotal story about friendship with a man whose legacy really does live on. His words:

I wanted to share with you a memory of my friend Steve Jobs, a memory that in the days since his passing has come to represent how great of a guy he was, and how good he was to me.

I first met Steve in 2003, over the phone, when I cold-called him to tell him I was a devout fan of all things Apple and would love to be involved in whatever way I could with the company. I remember the call extremely well; me on my hotel room bed, fidgeting and doodling and circuitously explaining that all I could really explain was that I wanted to have a relationship. I got nervous at one point and started second guessing myself and my intentions for calling, to which Steve replied “don’t worry, I have a very good bullshit detector.” I found it very comfortable to be myself around him from that moment on.

The bullshit detector must have stayed silent because In the following months and years I was invited to help introduce products and software at several Macworld keynote addresses in San Francisco. I got to know him a bit in our time together on and off the stage. I remember Steve as being almost iridescent; one second he would be talking to you about “architecture” as it related to digital data flow, and then in a microsecond turn his head a different way and mention Bob Dylan or a killer sushi place and just be the biggest rock star on the planet.

in Spring of 2008, RIM (makers of the Blackberry) approached me about sponsoring my upcoming summer tour, and as I got closer to accepting the offer I knew I had to call Steve to give him the heads up. I explained to him that the money they offered would allow for a better stage design and an all around higher level of production. I also told him that the contract with Blackberry would mean using their products exclusively. He thanked me for calling him, praised the people at Blackberry and told me he would send me an iPhone to at least play with on the bus.

I accepted the offer with Blackberry, and in the months leading up to the July 29th release date, the iPhone became the most desired item on the planet. Everybody wanted one, and nobody had yet to see one in person. It was mythical. That day I was playing an ampitheatre in Indianapolis, and sometime in the afternoon the production office got a call over the radio that a sales associate from the local Apple Store was standing at the outermost gate of the venue with something addressed to me. A few minutes later someone knocked on my dressing room door and handed me an Apple Store bag. Inside was an iPhone, and taped to it was a card; it belonged to Steve Jobs, CEO, 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California. Handwritten on the backside of the card was one word: “Enjoy!”

Just the greatest thing.

I used to think that when you died, everything you ever learned and amassed along the way in your life just stopped existing, all of it returned into the universe and repurposed for something else completely. Steve’s passing made me realize that can’t be true, because every bit of energy and intellect he spent his life to collect is still here with us, as vital as it was when it was with him. I can’t think of a better way to measure a life well lived.

Site Love: NAAG

We spend a lot of time talking with bloggers that span the landscape from the deal savings mom to the luxe fashionista to the home decor maven. When you read so many blogs and interact with so many passionate experts and writers and content creators, you really get excited when you find a site that just gets you. Do you know what I mean? One where the sensibility, style, voice is so perfectly you, it's almost as if you wish you were brilliant enough to be writing it yourself. Have you ever had the 'Why didn't I think of that?' moment when reading an amazingly curated blog or site?

That's how we feel about Naag, the whimsical and down right fun blog created by super model Agyness Deyn and Fiona Byrne.

Here's 5 reasons why we think this site is a must-read:

  1. The pictures that accompany the short, pithy blog posts (see above) are all oddly geometrically shaped. This small detail really makes us feel like we're entering into a scrapbook of an adventurous life.
  2. They select really fun (abet not always super out-of-the-box) "rad" pieces that we really should all own.
  3. The topics range from campy hotels to fun interviews to top coats to mixtapes.
  4. It feels like you're reading a magazine from cover to cover. The don't overdo it with a barrage of content updating so if you check-in once a week you won't be behind.
  5.  You can't really fake sensibility. It either directly speaks to you or it doesn't. In a somewhat over-saturated blog world, sites that have a direct and non-apologetic POV reign supreme. So if you are a creative, whimsical lover of the exploration of the life, the mishmash of stuff on this site will inspire you, remind you of your own adventures and give you a fun (and necessary) RSS distraction from the daily grind.

Image above courtesy of