App Excitement: GroundLink

As people who frequent client meetings, airports and other destinations that are either not conducive to subway travel (running late!) or otherwise inaccessible, we get excited about what we like to call "car service on-demand."

We are currently big fans (and users) of the service Uber so are thrilled to hear that there is a healthy bit of competition stampeding the market here in NYC with the recently mobilized GroundLink.

What makes GroundLink exciting:

  • Ride Now or Ride Later feature allows you to book a car in the future (assuming, of course, that it shows up)
  • Flat rates based on distance. Traffic jam? Same rate.
  • Large fleet...they're not going to disrupt the sea of yellow anytime soon, but they're also not going to be impossible, response pending, to actually ride
  • You can track your car real-time in the app so you know exactly where it is (no waiting around on the curb freezing)
  • They have an on-time guarantee - so if they're late you're covered
  • Affordable airport trips!

Of course all of this comes down to execution. But we have high hopes and we're excited to test this puppy out and will keep you posted.