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Sunday: Must Read - The Flight From Conversation

A super tech friendly crew over here as that is central to our bread and butter (and let's face it, what WOULD we do without our iPhones or really Apple in general) we all kind of stopped, took a long read, then a second read, then a third read... and then promptly started an email flurry around this op-ed piece in today's New York Times entitled "The Flight From Conversation" by Sherry Turkle. At HQ it's a unanimous must read.

A snippet:

“So, in order to feel more, and to feel more like ourselves, we connect. But in our rush to connect, we flee from solitude, our ability to be separate and gather ourselves. Lacking the capacity for solitude, we turn to other people but don’t experience them as they are. It is as though we use them, need them as spare parts to support our increasingly fragile selves.”

Again, highly recommend.