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SOL REPUBLIC x Motorola: DECK Commercial

SOL REPUBLIC is just over two years old and this is the company's very first commercial for a very fun little wireless speaker called DECK (a genius invention that makes parties and conference calls equally better). It is rewarding and down right fantastic to see it hit almost 1 MM views after about a week on-air. In the words of one of the commercial's stars - YEAAHHHHH.

August: Some Highlights

Summer is one of those times of year that just kind of gets away from you, isn't it? With music festival season in full swing, product launches gearing up for back to school and culinary openings popping up left and right, the time has literally...well...flown. SOL REPUBLIC in particular hit some extremely exciting milestones this summer including:

The expansion and continued passion of the SOLdiers.

1185414_719490401401847_743618764_nThe launch of a fantastic new product (the first out of category) in partnership with Motorola.

1097950_718405191510368_665728130_n-1And a huge Facebook milestone.

1146609_719478851403002_426354956_nSome exciting stuff.


FB_MTxVine_806x806-1 VINE is all the rage...the newest social platform to begin to gain some mega-traction with the early adopter tech crowd and the blogosphere. It is all over NYFW.  And there is actually some pretty fun content coming out of it.

While it is unclear how well VINE will ultimately integrate into more strategic social deployment, at the very least right now it is really fun.

We are having just that with a new promotion with SOL REPUBLIC (client) where we are asking fans to submit a quick video that showcases a moment of the soundtrack of their lives. Quick, fun, simple. And also several video submitters will score brand new SOL REPUBLIC Master Tracks headphones, a solid payoff for 6 seconds of work.


Headphones DO make you more productive (!)

We might be slightly biased, but we knew there was some type of method to the madness.

Read the full scoop from this Harvard "study" on the productivity with/without headphone usage right here. If anyone can convince us, it is them. Take a gander and then we recommend testing it in your own office with SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD, our favorites.