Facebook: New Rules of Advertising

One of our core capabilities is audience development within social channels, specifically within Facebook... around the intersection of paid, earned and owned media. This has resulted in us purchasing on behalf of our clients a bevy of advertisements within Facebook implementing over 150 campaigns and millions of dollars to-date. Purchasing Facebook advertising through the marketplace is simple, in theory, but doing it effectively and efficiently is another story.

This is a great read about the current advertising approach within Facebook including the pitfalls of many buyers.

Our high level advise to avoid these pitfalls:

  • DO YOUR HOMEWORK: Facebook's new "Reach Generator" algorithm greatly prioritizes "Sponsored Stories" and has changed the game a bit in terms of the strategic deployment of these campaigns resulting in some fascinating findings so do your homework and research.
  • DIVERSITY YIELDS RESULTS: Always purchase a mix of advertising  - no such thing as A/B testing - there should be way more variants than that these days with many API-connected platforms providing individually targeted keywords.
  • SPONSORED STORIES: Don't be afraid of Sponsored Stories - they work!
  • MARKETPLACE vs. PREMIUM: There is very little gained by going directly through Facebook unless the budget is substantial as the study above outlines so partner with an agency or company with social purchasing expertise or play around in the marketplace yourself - the specificity you will get with a specialist is well worth the % of commission.


There were many clever titles that went through the potential rotation for this inaugural post but ultimately "about" just felt like it summed it all up. Sometimes it just feels right, ya know? With the marketing, blogging and communications landscape more cluttered than ever when you're trying to market to marketers it is often best to just be succinct. Cut. To. The. Chase.

So here we are. An integrated marketing consultancy with a specialization in digital, social & experiential and more than a decade of experience crafting award-winning strategies.

In short, we have a proven track record of achieving business objectives for brands across business verticals with a focal expertise in the following core areas:

  • Strategy & planning
  • Creative counsel
  • Integrated public relations, seeding & influencer marketing
  • Implementation across earned, owned, paid media
  • Systems, infrastructure & corporate training
  • Digital brand governance
  • Digital & social brand voice development
  • Experiential strategy & campaign ideation
  • Integrated event activation

We are experienced, smart & creative.

We create meaningful, innovative strategy & roll up our sleeves and execute when duty calls.

We have the experience and expertise to help you figure out how, why and when to navigate through the fluid digital landscape while giving you a measurable benchmark to explain what the heck it all means.

Contact  us for full credentials & to learn more. Full site & too many blog posts to come.

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