payton and company

Milestones & Moments

Professional colleagues, life long friends.

Life is a series of milestones and moments, isn't it? Business life, personal life.....So many milestones and moments. As always, we expect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients, so excuse the vagueness of these milestones.

A few recent ones we're excited about:

  • 5 new clients (welcome!)
  • 4 upcoming conference speaking engagements (see you in Vegas?)
  • 3 new vendor partnerships that provide amazing (and never seen) interactivity at events - augmented reality, live social interaction,digital gameification - oh my! (can't wait to capture them all live!)
  • 2 clients hitting the infamous 1 MM Facebook fan mark
  • 1st to market for brand vertical on three new social platforms for 2 clients