Love: The PEN Ready Project

The idea of giving consumers your product and asking them to experience it - really use it - and document that usage isn't a new one. There are hundreds of seeding programs that take place like that every single day for brands across the globe.

However, we really love the implementation of this one done by Olympus for their new DSLR camera. Conceptually, it is simple, seed 1K cameras to 1K people and ask them to share photographs. Compile those photographs in a hub. Give people a little bit of context about the "everyday people" shooters (e.g., Claire, photographer, NYC).

Why we love it:

  • Content is easy to view with the visual leading, as it should
  • They aren't trying to over socialize the experience with a ton of sharing tools - it is clean, concise
  • Content is syndicated across relevant channels - Instagr.am, Facebook, Tumblr in a curated, easy to follow format
  • There is some really creative cool content there
  • Content is from across the globe and you can track it by camera #, location or keyword (tag)
Ultimately this is a simple, well-executed idea of a somewhat over-exercised tactic. This is a great example of how the wheel doesn't have to constantly be reinvented in order to work. You don't have to wow with innovation, just wow with great straight forward execution...and let the content and creativity of your consumers lead the charge.