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Weekend mornings are best spent with brunch, a bit of booze, the New York Times and a catch-up on guilty reads and RSS feeds. Here are a few of our favorites from the social and marketing sphere from the previous few days...

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Client Love: Socialitical

Politics and social media are a match made in heaven. With word-of-mouth long being a fuel in the political fire, it makes sense that the pipe that now funnels a majority of this WOM is for the most part, social media.

Our client Socialitical has tapped brilliantly into this business model, crafting hyper-targeted Facebook advertisements through an API-connected platform for politicians, PACs, causes and everyone in the greater political landscape.

In a space where location and affiliation, gender, income and zipcode is so important, it makes sense for politicians to directly target the right people, using individually targeted Facebook ads. It's like the digital direct mail.

Today, Socialitical officially launched.

Mashable covered it here.

Digiday over here.

Proud marketing parents right here. Well done, Socialitical team!

Ps - Even better that coverage was all secured by our strategic partners, JJ PR.

Reads: With our AM Cup of Joe

With holiday creeping up around the corner, we are way behind in our RSS reads. Here are some articles we (finally) got to this morning that are definitely worth the read.

Reads: Currently Digesting

Kardashian mania! So much flying around the interwebs this week. Here's a list of a few articles we've grabbed out of our RSS and found to be good reads: