Client Love: BackJoy's Race to 25K

Two months ago we had no idea what a joyful back would feel like. Now perched with perfect posture at our desks, we are all smitten with our client BackJoy's products including the house-favorite, posture plus. BackJoy's products (now available in ALL NYC Duane Reades) help you sit and stand properly, yielding better posture which alleviates all those pesky back issues that you likely experience (even when you're young) and travel often.

Now, you can potentially take home a BackJoy, with a couple clicks you can enter to win one right over here on Facebook. Entering is easy and this product works wonders, we highly recommend it.



Roses die. The delicious taste of cupcakes and macarons might be fleeting but it is highly long and well within your tummy.

From now until the infamous day of 2/14, our delicious client BULLDOG GIN is giving away 1 dozen BULLDOG-infused macarons and 1 dozen BULLDOG-infused cupcakes PER DAY on Twitter and Facebook, respectively.

Both are really easy to enter to win and totally delicious. I highly recommend you Facebook and Tweet with them and enter. Your significant other will love you even more.

Gotta love a deliciously good giveaway.