Campaign Love: Chipotle & Farm Aid

Social good is a marketing trend that gets us excited. What is "social good"? It can come on platforms and mediums, in many shapes and sizes, but it is essentially a simple formula: brand + non-profit + customer interaction (or engagement) = donation or support of non-profit or overarching cause. While this isn't a pureplay social campaign, we love what Chipotle is doing with Farm Aid this Halloween. If customers show up at any Chipotle location this Halloween dressed in a costume inspired by the "Family Farm" they can score a $2 burrito. Delicious.

While IRL promotions like this with such as specific (and grand) call to action might not have huge penetration or consumer adoption (we're guessing each location might see a couple, rather than a couple hundred) it is certainly a great Farm Aid awareness moment that we love. Bravo, Chipotle.