Forrester: The Value of a Facebook Fan

You gotta love when credible research firms (love Forrester) release data that directly justifies all of your beliefs about the power of a social "fan" and backs htat up with valuable and meaningful brand data. This just happened with this report from Forrester on the Value of a Facebook Fan. 

It would be unethical to share the full report for free ( we all gotta earn a living!) but it is worth the download if you have Forrester access. A sample highlight of the intel available from within it:

The fact that Facebook fans are more likely to buy (and spend more on), consider, and recommend the brands they engage with on Facebook shows that the purchase process is not a dead-end road. Brand engagement is a driver of loyalty and purchase for companies, and Facebook is a great channel for advocates to share brand experiences with others.

Read the full report to find out more about what this means for your brand or company.

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