CHUT UP Goes Up in the Air with Virgin Atlantic!

We cannot “chut up” about our very own condiment line, CHUT UP, flying high with Virgin Atlantic! Now, when you fly Virgin Atlantic, your gourmet burger will get a delicious and good-for-you upgrade with CHUT UP’s Beetroot Ketchup. YUM.


Cape Resorts: Beach Plum Farm

We’re blissfully falling into fall at Beach Plum Farm in Cape May, New Jersey. Beach Plum Farm is introducing November Guest Chef Dinners as part of its Fall Farm-to-Table Dinner Series. Each Saturday through November, 17th, delight your tastebuds with fresh-picked ingredients finessed to simple perfection by chefs we love.


CHUT UP: Delicious. Different. Delightful.

In search of condiments that were healthy and tasty, Digital Marketing Maven Sarah Payton and South African-born Chef Hugo Uys co-founded Chut Up. This condiment brand prides itself in using the finest ingredients without preservatives and with limited processing. The trio includes Beet Ketchup, Apple and Caramelized Onion Chutney and Peri Peri Hot Sauce. Finally, condiments that elevate delicious food without overpowering their flavor. So, "chut" up and try the mouthwatering new favorite addition to your pantry.

Chut Up Condiments: Beet Ketchup, Apple & Caramelized Onion Chutney, Peri Peri Hot Sauce

Chut Up Condiments: Beet Ketchup, Apple & Caramelized Onion Chutney, Peri Peri Hot Sauce

Off the Menu at Otto's Tacos

  1425504_714373631906312_206113515_nThe guys at Otto's Tacos have been charming us since day #1. What a delicious place to call a client and a friend. Secret off-the-menu items are a fun way to entertain guests and reward regulars, and are in general, just a dang good time.

This weekend the team at Otto's has charmed us all once again with their first off-the-menu item, El Sucio (translation: The Dirty). What is your new dirty, delicious pleasure? Well it includes:

  • Bed of beans (since all beds should be made out of beans)
  • All 5 taco fillings
  • Salsa
  • Cerrano Crema

Yes. Please. You've got to taste this bit of deliciousness ASAP. Go visit them in the East Village on 2nd Avenue just above St. Marks Place and be bold enough to call for it. Recommendation: Churros for dessert.


Love: A La Card

Top of our stocking stuffer gift list is A La Card, a 52 card deck of $10 gift cards to chef-driven and owner-operated Chicago restaurants. Chicago is a place we travel often to and have fallen in love with....a culinary dream.

Our faves included in this are:

  • Lillie's Q
  • The Bristol
  • Bonsoiree
  • Hot Doug's
  • Longman & Eagle
  • Naha

We like to think of this as dinner inspiration for 2012, all year round. Delicious.