Brand Love: Jawbone

We've been huge fans of Fitbit for quite some time for a variety of reasons including great app integration, ease of use and accuracy. Enter Up by Jawbone.

The Jawbone jambox portable speakers that connect to any device via Bluetooth has been the staple of many beach trips, road trips and company adventures. Quite genius in design, solid sound quality and virtually indestructible, even for those of us who are prone to dropping (well) everything.

The Up is a natural product extension for them...a product that like Fitbit tracks all of your actions (sleep, motion AND meals) and syncs up nicely with an application that will do everything from tell you your sleeping patterns and how to improve your depth of sleep to count and track calories.

With an office chock full of ladies who love a good sleep and a good eat, and definitely appreciate a good run, we're fans.

So much this brand can be doing in social and digital (Some initial ideas: distributed social loyalty with non-competitive active partners, gamification and social rewards, consumer generated content promotions, crowdsourced hack competition), we hope they go for it...and we look forward to engaging as followers and fans.