Email + Facebook = Consumption The Same?

Stumbled upon (literally) this interesting post today on All Facebook highlighting a research study commissioned by the guys at Constant Contact about email and Facebook consumption, and if there are patterns or trends around a similar consumer usage. Their survey pool was small (1,400ish) so taking some of this with that grain of salt in mind. Would love to see a more robust study done around this as it is truly interesting from a CRM standpoint and could have some strategic impact. Nonetheless, without more information, here are some of their high level key insights as well as an always enjoyed infographic. Full article here.

1. Producing content that’s irrelevant and putting out too many messages drives consumers to unlike and unsubscribe. 2. Despite the widespread use of mobile devices, 84 percent of consumers primarily access email from their computers. 3. While 30 percent of consumers access Facebook from mobile devices, 82 percent prefer their computers. 4. The sender and the subject line are the top reasons why consumers read messages from a business or nonprofit. 5. Lack of interest and over-sending are the top two reasons why consumers do not open emails from a business or nonprofit. 6. The top reason why consumers subscribe to a business’ email list are to receive discounts andspecial offers. 7. Consumers primarily like Facebook pages for discounts and promotions. 8. Consumers decide to opt-in to email and Facebook page posts for similar reasons. 9. Over-emailing and irrelevant content are the top reasons why consumers unsubscribe from email lists. 10. One-quarter of consumers prefer to opt-in to local businesses over national organizations via email and Facebook.