Importance of Engagement

One interesting note that stuck out for us as we read through the much shared and somewhat viral Google vs. Facebook article originally published in Fortune (and found online here) was the blatant importance of not only having an audience but retaining them and engaging them. A lot of times we find clients are in a race to acquire fans and followers and those pesky infamous LIKES.

Our first questions is, great...we can help get you the audience...we can even help get you the RIGHT audience...but what will you do with them once you have them?

If you're smart, you'll take them on journey through episodic content, you'll incentivize their engagement and you'll leverage them to build additional audience - ultimately utilizing the respective social channel for its best possible purpose. If that channel is Facebok, that purpose is as the world's largest CRM platform.

Thus we'd assert that the most important Facebook metric is the engagement per LIKE not the actual LIKE. And that we'd take 5K passionate acquired consumers versus 10 MM dormant ones.

This graph from the aforementioned Fortune piece is a testament to how and why this matters. While Google far supersedes Facebook in terms of traffic and volume, Facebook slaughters Google in engagement. The audience that is on Facebook stays on Facebook.


Of course the two sites inherently have different purpose and that purpose dictates the usage so it isn't a 1 to 1 comparison...for now. But as Google launches + and Facebook begins to gain in pureplay search (now the #2 most searched platform), the utility becomes blurred.

We are betting that as the two juggernauts continue to grow the ultimate victor will be closely aligned to this idea of engagement.