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Campaign Love: Crash the Super Bowl

We always love the Super Bowl, mostly for inter-office wagering, sometimes for the halftime shows (remember this one?) and absolutely for the commercials.  One thing we love more than the creative (which we hope to always be stellar) is when there is a twist with the unique call to action, an inventive way to incorporate a social call to action and the ever-brave crowdsourcing that pops up occasionally.

One of our fun client projects is to help support an agency partner on the Doritos' Crash the Super Bowl, who are by most accounts pioneers in the world of UGC + crowdsourcing + Super Bowl. The stakes are high though with $1 MM (if the winning airing commercials perform well) and a collaboration with Andy Samberg's The Lonely Island, of SNL fame.

The format is simple: aspiring filmmakers (and camera aficionados) can create commercials which are then narrowed down to finalists, voted on by consumers, and then aired during the big game against all of the other spots that brands paid millions for from their agency.

Brilliant and simple value-driven experience with a reward that facilitates thoughtful and creative submissions. We're a fan.

This year's finalists (and the one that didn't make it that has gone viral shared above) are quite fantastic 30 second spots. We highly recommend a mid-day work escape viewing and then a vote casting for your favorite over here.

Without further ado, this year's finalists include:

Why this campaign is a win:

  • Simple call to action and clear value proposition
  • Not unique in format, but ownable in context (e.g., no one else is doing this type of promotion with the Super Bowl on the line)
  • Compelling reward - without the $$$ and exposure there's no way the quality would be there in submissions. As any social marketer will tell you, UGC is only as good as the perceived value
  • Brand DNA - it is fun and somewhat (as far as CPG is concerned) daring, exactly how one might imagine a Doritos chip to be