App: IKEA's Go Happy to Bed

Ikea is THE furniture staple for collegiates, up and coming 20-somethings and those of us who perpetually love affordable, clean, modern pieces within our home. Of those sitting around the conference table currently, all 7 of us can think of at least five pieces of Ikea-ware we have in our homes from glassware to lamps to bedframes. This makes it prime for a brand that many would like to engage with...and really NEED (at some level) to interact with, especially during the move in/out cycle.

Not a stranger to innovation both in product and in digital marketing, we were excited to poke around with their latest interactive experience a YouTube-hubbed social application that syncs with Facebook data in order to provide a curated and customized room for the user. Of course this is for the UK consumer (e.g., not all product is available here) and of course it requires some ungodly current version of Flash, but once you get it loaded it is pretty dang cool.

Why we love it:

  • It integrates multiple social platforms with purpose (rather than just having social sharing or content feeds to have it)
  • Straightforward user experience - delivers on a simple value proposition without getting caught up in bells, whistles
  • It's pretty dang realistic
  • It's fun! Frustrating at times...but ultimately fun.
  • It delivers against the providing of unique value, which we believe is core to the success of any user experience in digital

This is all a part of the GO Happy to Bed ad campaign which is quite adorable in that warm and fuzzy feeling kinda way. Sample spot here: