Miami events

Miami Mania

We are excited about a lot in Miami where a lot of time is spent these days including:

Miami is already gearing up for Art Basel 2016 (December 1-4) and rainbow tapestries will be on display in a huge way.

The Miami restaurant scene has a lot to look forward to this fall with the opening of these dining spots:

Miami Heat faces an uncertain start to the 2016 season as Chris Bosh still has not been cleared to play.  (BOO!)

Karla Dascal (co-founder of Sacred Space Miami) opens up about her personal journey that brought her to Sacred Space and how the community can benefit from her holistic approach the each day. 

The 21st annual VeritageMiami kicks off next week and here is what you need to know about this 4-day soiree filled with wine, beer and food events, with all proceeds benefitting United Way.