Faena Wins Best Florida Hotel

We are thrilled and honored to be part of an amazing Faena Hotel Miami Beach team, winning Florida’s best hotel by Conde Nast Traveler. From the most-photographed Damien Hirst golden woolly mammath skeleton to the 100,000 square feet of pristine private beach, Faena enchants and inspires.

Photo: @Faena Instagram

Photo: @Faena Instagram

Photo: @Faena Instagram

Photo: @Faena Instagram

Faena Theater LIVE: "Samsara Cabaret"

An immersive theater experience enchants at the original Faena LIVE production in collaboration with Quixotic, Samsara Cabaret, in Faena Hotel Miami Beach’s Theater throughout October. The production features an incredible ensemble, including singer and "America's Got Talent" semi-finalist Yoli Mayor, violinist Shane Borth, cellist Ben Munoz, and Sensatia stars Megan Stockman, EnVee and Samanta Mixan. 


Miami Art Week: Faena's "This is Not America"

faena art week.jpg

Faena Hotel Miami Beach will be pushing boundaries during Miami Art Week this December with commissioned installations comprising This is Not America. This is Not America is anchored by Alfredo Jaar’s groundbreaking work, A Logo for America, and features major new commissions of installations and performances by Derrick AdamsCecilia BengoleaIsabel LewisLuna Paiva, Tavares Strachan, and Wu Tsang and boychild, among others, that explore how we choose to define our sense of place in ways that encourage dynamic identities that transcend–and even resist–the imposition of physical, historical, and political borders. 

End of Summer in the M-I-A

Dive into the Miami ocean stylishly and with a cause wearing this new swimwear line made with plastic recyclable materials by couple Isabella Cisneros and Ramiro Carranza.

Say “cheese”…or “#MIA #Most #Instagrammed.” Just behind New York and Los Angeles, Miami is the third most Instagrammed city in the United States according to a hashtag-based study done by Holidu.

Jezebel on Michigan Avenue in Miami, FL. 

Jezebel on Michigan Avenue in Miami, FL. 

South Beach just got a throwback speakeasy spot named Jezebel, serving classic cocktails and late-night bites, in the old MOVA Lounge space right off of Lincoln Road Mall on Michigan Avenue.

Get your boots because Labor Day weekend just took a southern turn. Tequila Bay Country Music Festival is full of music, food and TEQUILA on the shores of Biscayne Bay.

"Whithervanes" by artist duo rootoftwo.  

"Whithervanes" by artist duo rootoftwo.  

Traditional weathervanes turn into internet-connected headless chickens that morph and move based on the media climate in Whithervanes, a Locust Project, on exhibit atop three Miami buildings.

Faena Fantasy Land

Alan Faena is the talk of the town with the much-anticipated opening of the new FAENA development’s “culture center and shopping souk” this fall.

Faena Art (Alan Faena’s international nonprofit organization) just announced the winner for the 2016 Prize for the Arts to English artist Roger Hiorns. Hiorns’ artistic experimentation awarded him the $75,000 to create a curated mixed-media piece to be unveiled in Buenos Aires next year.  

Hiorns' winning work, " 'Untitled' Values"

Hiorns' winning work, " 'Untitled' Values"

Miami cannot wait for the opening of Faena Forum- the “centerpiece” of mid-Miami Beach Faena Arts District- this November. 

Miami Mania

We are excited about a lot in Miami where a lot of time is spent these days including:

Miami is already gearing up for Art Basel 2016 (December 1-4) and rainbow tapestries will be on display in a huge way.

The Miami restaurant scene has a lot to look forward to this fall with the opening of these dining spots:

Miami Heat faces an uncertain start to the 2016 season as Chris Bosh still has not been cleared to play.  (BOO!)

Karla Dascal (co-founder of Sacred Space Miami) opens up about her personal journey that brought her to Sacred Space and how the community can benefit from her holistic approach the each day. 

The 21st annual VeritageMiami kicks off next week and here is what you need to know about this 4-day soiree filled with wine, beer and food events, with all proceeds benefitting United Way.