CHUT UP Goes Up in the Air with Virgin Atlantic!

We cannot “chut up” about our very own condiment line, CHUT UP, flying high with Virgin Atlantic! Now, when you fly Virgin Atlantic, your gourmet burger will get a delicious and good-for-you upgrade with CHUT UP’s Beetroot Ketchup. YUM.


Faena's Bazaar 8-Day Pop-Up!


Get a first look at our client Faena's Bazaar opening this fall with a pop-up preview over swim week! Each floor of Faena will be transformed into a different color-themed experience featuring one-of-a-kind designer suits, art pieces and home decor. 


CHUT UP: Delicious. Different. Delightful.

In search of condiments that were healthy and tasty, Digital Marketing Maven Sarah Payton and South African-born Chef Hugo Uys co-founded Chut Up. This condiment brand prides itself in using the finest ingredients without preservatives and with limited processing. The trio includes Beet Ketchup, Apple and Caramelized Onion Chutney and Peri Peri Hot Sauce. Finally, condiments that elevate delicious food without overpowering their flavor. So, "chut" up and try the mouthwatering new favorite addition to your pantry.

Chut Up Condiments: Beet Ketchup, Apple & Caramelized Onion Chutney, Peri Peri Hot Sauce

Chut Up Condiments: Beet Ketchup, Apple & Caramelized Onion Chutney, Peri Peri Hot Sauce

Run to the East Village, right now.

31-ottos-fish-taco.w529.h352One of our favorite PR clients, Otto's Tacos, celebrates 1 year this week and we couldn't be more excited for the delicious way they are doing it - the release of a limited edition fish taco. Lightly fried, just the right amount of zest and punch. In a word: Yum (obviously). Rob & Robin have high hopes for this limited edition treat as well. Read their exclusive first look here.

Happy 1 year, Otto, Joe & Team! Cannot wait for what the next 12 months hold.

Nike Is At It Again

Winning his record-breaking seventh win, Rafael Nadal defeated Novak Djokovic at the 2012 French Open. As Nadal's official sponsors, Nike Tennis was obviously ready to jump on this victory and go at it with full force. Nike used this win to incorporate global supporters in a way unlike ever before. Utilizing their massive Facebook following, Nike encouraged fans to not only write a message of support to the athletes on their page, but to push the envelope a little: the fans were called on to be a part of a masterpiece.

Murals of the French Open athletes Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova were created by putting each fan's name on a paint ball, and then whizzing it over to a giant white canvas. The murals were created not only to celebrate the athlete's grand slam victories, but to celebrate the support of the athletes fans and fans of Nike Tennis across the globe- and the message stuck.

Through Nike's creative initiatives, this campaign not only caught the attention of many Nike Tennis fans, but acted as a catalyst for conversations centered on Nike Tennis and their innovative approaches in creating connection and movement within the industry.

Nike, in this effort and others like it, approaches the market in a way that truly goes beyond selling products. Rather than pushing more messages at consumers, Nike Tennis has been proactive in realizing the importance in connecting to fans and creating a community they can relate to. Nike is genuinely connecting with their consumer on a personal level, and allowing their fans to be a part of the game.

The Latest and Greatest in Crowdsourcing Disasters

We’ve all seen ‘em before, but this campaign just might take the cake in “crowdsourcing disasters.” The oil giant, Shell, took to the streets recently to get everyone as “pumped” as they are about a new drilling initiative dubbed “Let’s Go! Artic.”

This is serious.

To help promote their endeavor to, and we quote, drill the “vastsnowy wastes of the North”, Shell set up a “Social Ad Gallery” fully equipped to let users create their very own ads for the campaign. At this point you can probably guess how these crowdsourced ads turned out, we will let some of the consumer creations speak for themselves:



Cue the house music. While there is negativity swirling around the web about this campaign, there’s actually a lot of lessons to be learned here.

Crowdsourcing, though a brilliant strategy behind many successful marketing campaigns, is truly the DEMOCRATIZATION of a brand. You are putting creative liberties in the power of consumers when you go this direction –so you have to clearly think through the liberties that enthusiastic or disgruntled consumers might take.

Although certainly disruptive, which oh so many marketers seek to achieve (and we specialize in), crowdsourcing is most certainly not a “one-size-fits-all” idea.

As with most tactical or strategic approaches – there isn’t a tried and true formula. What would work well for a consumer beloved brand like Toms definitely won’t work for an equally beloved (but sometimes belittled) brand like Barbie.

When considering a new approach to deliver a brand message, it’s crucial to tailor campaign initiatives to custom-suit the potential engagement of those initiatives and map out the potential lifecycle of what the campaign could (and likely will) become.

One of the best but also the most daunting things about this socialized digital landscape is how much consumer control is taken…and how quickly that control can spiral.

In some situations, you end up with a fantastic viral hit (link to a viral favorite maybe Old Spice Man with “viral hit”) and in other situations, you go viral, but not in the ways you were seeking.

No two brands are identical, and approaching marketing with a “one-size-fits-all” mentality just isn’t gonna cut it.

So step back, think twice, and don’t disrupt for the sake of disruption, make sure your programming truly ladders back to the objectives you seek to achieve.

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