cathyErway As marketers, you learn through execution, implementation, trial and a whole lot of error that a brand is only as relevant in the overcrowded marketing landscape as the stories it shares and tells. Then comes in authenticity, execution, creativity and distribution. All of the "marquee" brands of the world - Nike, Redbull, Coke, Barbie - are all fantastic storytellers. Newer marquee brands - Warby Parker comes to mind, also great storytellers.

One of the greatest gifts of social media as a "marketing channel" is how fluid it is. For better (and at times for worse) it just moves, scales, and grows or it doesn't.

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It gives brands, companies, celebrities, non-profits and regular human beings the chance to share stories, content, messages and information that they previously might not have been able to share to an external audience. Imagine as a photographer if you had to print flyers or buy OOH in order to sling your services. Or as a new jewelry designer, having to sell your e-commerce with only banner ads and PPC.


Social media gives us an opportunity to tell a lot of stories. One of our favorite stories for the past year has been the collection of inspirational places that we have gathered on behalf of Mandarin Oriental (client). This simple social story has a clear purpose and heart felt message from distinct and empowered New York voices. What's not to love? In particular, it is rewarding to partner with brands like Mandarin who extend beyond the walls of their property to truly elevate a community. Inspired.