Upgrading The Everyday

EccoDomani_1Our client, Ecco Domani, has a fantastic, simple mantra - "upgrade the everyday". What does this mean? It means, the little but oh-so-important details one does within a day to make it just a little bit better - a bit of lipstick swiped on before a trip to the grocery store, using cloth napkins instead of paper ones at a dinner party, treating yourself to fresh flowers on a Friday just because, making a card instead of using a store bought one...taking the time to handwrite a Thank You note.

Thinking about these upgrades on a daily basis as part of our client support is an upgrade in and of itself. To help bring this story of the everyday made better to life throughout 2014, we created a program for Ecco Domani with leading lifestyle bloggers, all who share their favorite upgrades and the upgrades that they utilize within their own lives, in true, authentic practice.

These are coming to life through original photography, content programs and story campaigns across their respective blogs and sites. This influencer groundswell is proving to be great not only from a storytelling perspective (which is oh-so-important in today's marketing landscape) but also from a quantitative perspective, which is very exciting.

It couldn't be possible to love the one more than the one that came alive today courtesy of The Glamourai. We hope you'll check it out and that her inspiration might upgrade your day, today.

Image via The Glamourai