#BloodyGood News

Negroni Sometimes something happens for a client, partner, friend (typically all of the aforementioned) and you just feel a complete under moment of happiness. As entrepreneurs and business makers, the best validation of a dream realized is to have a big fish in the big pond decide to purchase your dream or creation (or at least invest heavily in it) because they see it as the future. It is hard enough to make a product - like physically make it- and then on top of that to make it, grow it and then grow it tenfold is no small feat.

The folks at Campari scored a bloody huge homerun today with BULLDOG Gin.

Literally couldn't be happier for the Top Dog and his team. Well deserved. Raising a bloodygood BULLDOG tipple (obviously a Negroni today, over here) in their honour. May the next few years be as amazing as the last.