Square's New Market



Lots of great reads in the RSS this morning including a great preview from Wired on the potential importance of the new Square Market, brought to you from the guys who created those nifty mobile card processors that are abundant at music festivals, in taxi cabs and in local artist, flea markets. We're a huge fan (and coincidentally they are our office neighbors) and are so excited for this new venture.

Read the full details here.

Why we think this is important:

  • Bridges the gap between marketing and business commerce - small businesses need quick, simple tools to better market themselves online, this could be one of them
  • Provides a simple transactional environment for small businesses with goods/products
  • Eliminates the fragmentation that happens between disparate locations (e.g, a businesses' etsy vs big cartel vs brick and mortar), as efficiently as currently possible
  • It changes Square into a multi-benefit partner, versus just a transaction platform
  • As is evident in the Starbuck's processing example (Square processes ALL their credit/debit transactions), this could have the potential to scale. So when your small business (hopefully) becomes a big business, this platform could - in theory - grow with you

Time will tell, but we're jazzed about the potential.