Current Facebook Page Love: Furby


Although the Furby phenomenon still kind of terrifies us (they just won't ever turn off!), their content strategy on Facebook is pure genius. Placing the Furby into timely, contextual situations with short, pithy and creative copy...brilliant.


It appears as though the Furby marketing team is following the social media content strategy that we often recommend to clients:

  • Keep the community management in-house (you need it managed by a team who is completely engrossed in the brand)
  • Invest in compelling imagery
  • Tailor the content specifically for each channel¬†
  • Think about distribution and ensure your content is crafted accordingly
  • Encourage consumer interaction and engagement¬†
  • Clearly identify and then continuously optimize your brand voice
  • Post with purpose - each piece of content should have a clear objective and should align with the overall strategic objectives

Simple recipe but works every single time.