Samsung's Dig at Apple

[youtube=] By now this commercial has moved well up the viral ladder. In it, Samsung users poke fun at the Apple rabid fans who (still) wait in line over what they insinuate is an inferior phone with many features that Samsung's Galaxy S has already had for quite some time.

We're admittedly quite fond of Apple products at Payton & Company HQ but you can't argue with three things that Samsung wins on in this commercial:

  1. Speed - it was out within days of the Apple iPhone 5 announcement. In this situation, timing is everything.
  2. Authenticity - as contrived as the scene they paint might be, it sure does feel authentic.
  3. Accuracy - a majority of what they say is right on the $$. Do Apple fans care? Probably not. But the lack of innovation within this new iPhone offering seems to be universally agreed upon.

What do you think? Would you jump ship for the Galaxy S or Apple loyalist forever and ever?