The God Particle


Not being ones to miss “big news”, we couldn’t let this one pass us by. As we were all busying ourselves celebrating American Independence, the Swiss were throwing celebrations of a different sort- the 40-year search for the elusive “God Particle” looks like it’s finally over.

To be clear, the scientific community hates the catchy nickname given to the Higgs Boson. Naming an elementary particle the “God Particle” is a steep order to fill... but, all jokes aside, this is a pretty big deal. The Higgs Boson is the particle predicted by the Standard Model, the ruling theory of Physics, for the last half century.

Not wanting to overstep our bounds and bug up explaining the complex Higgs Boson on our own time, we have a few resources to direct your way..

  • For when you really need it broken down, check out this Vimeo video. Analogies, metaphors, and cute cartoon characters included.
  • And for those of you sophisticated folk, look no further than the New York Times.

We don’t know what doors this milestone discovery will open for us yet, but we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to find out what our Swiss friends have in store for us next!