How the Geeks Will Inherit Cannes

Until recently, Cannes was a gathering attended by the few. Advertising agency folk abounded, but you didn’t veer too far from the center. Looking at Cannes this time around, it has become abundantly clear: this isn’t just a festival for agencies anymore.

Over the past several years we’ve watched the tech world play a larger and larger role in the world of advertising... everywhere. The speed of tech innovations have empowered advertising in an unprecedented (and very important!) way: creative teams in agencies are no longer the exclusive voice on creativity.

Not terribly long ago, the advertising process was black and white. You handed a creative brief to the creative team at an advertising agency, let them do their thing, and spit out creative work. Digital is re-stacking the deck when it comes to who’s calling the creative shots, and there is no limit to what you can create.

Relationships are the bread and butter of marketing as we know it. Pioneers in the tech and social spheres are spurring marketers everywhere to think abstractly and push the envelope.

Digital has evened the playing field for millions... forcing us to appreciate that creativity calls all kinds.