Dopamine: The Silent Propellor of All Things Social

A study by a pair of Harvard psychologists has unlocked the key to social media’s addictive qualities: We love to talk about ourselves.

Dopamine, our body’s “pleasure chemical” is released in loads when we talk about ourselves... and as it turns out? You probably do it more than you think.

30%- 40% of everything you ever say will be about you.

Dopamine gives you a chemical high when you get the chance to gush about your life, and we watch this percentage take a serious jump when it comes to social media. 80% of the content you produce in the social world will be about- you guessed it- yourself. These little vanity posts give you the same dopamine-induced “umph” as chatting with a friend or stranger about your day.  

Our takeaway? The ticket to success as a brand in the social sphere is simple: give them a place to talk about themselves. Listen and respond, be attentive and sympathetic. Let them share stories, personal memoirs, and tall tales. They’ll get a kick out of it- literally.