Site Love: NAAG

We spend a lot of time talking with bloggers that span the landscape from the deal savings mom to the luxe fashionista to the home decor maven. When you read so many blogs and interact with so many passionate experts and writers and content creators, you really get excited when you find a site that just gets you. Do you know what I mean? One where the sensibility, style, voice is so perfectly you, it's almost as if you wish you were brilliant enough to be writing it yourself. Have you ever had the 'Why didn't I think of that?' moment when reading an amazingly curated blog or site?

That's how we feel about Naag, the whimsical and down right fun blog created by super model Agyness Deyn and Fiona Byrne.

Here's 5 reasons why we think this site is a must-read:

  1. The pictures that accompany the short, pithy blog posts (see above) are all oddly geometrically shaped. This small detail really makes us feel like we're entering into a scrapbook of an adventurous life.
  2. They select really fun (abet not always super out-of-the-box) "rad" pieces that we really should all own.
  3. The topics range from campy hotels to fun interviews to top coats to mixtapes.
  4. It feels like you're reading a magazine from cover to cover. The don't overdo it with a barrage of content updating so if you check-in once a week you won't be behind.
  5.  You can't really fake sensibility. It either directly speaks to you or it doesn't. In a somewhat over-saturated blog world, sites that have a direct and non-apologetic POV reign supreme. So if you are a creative, whimsical lover of the exploration of the life, the mishmash of stuff on this site will inspire you, remind you of your own adventures and give you a fun (and necessary) RSS distraction from the daily grind.

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