Brand We Love: Of a Kind

A little over a year ago, we first discovered Of a Kind through the tumblr blogging community. The concept is pure brilliance - build a commerce platform on top of a social blogging network (tumblr) and curate it around limited edition products made in collaboration with emerging designers. Love.

Here's why Of a Kind rocks our socks:

  1. It is the first ever social commerce platform on Tumblr - literally built into the platform so you can follow, reblog and purchase all within the same environment.
  2. Their "editions" range from chic to quirky to highly functional but have one thing in common - they are all super unique
  3. You are literally purchasing one of a limited quantity when you buy from Of a Kind, no more walking into a party and seeing someone rocking the same necklace
  4. Their utilization of social marketing and word-of-mouth to build a brand is exactly what it's all about. It's core to what we believe as marketers - peer recommendation leads to consideration and demand.
  5. It's run by two adorable women - Erica & Claire- who took a huge entrepreneurial risk and have built this brand all with their own stylish hands. As consulting entrepreneurs ourselves, we are inspired by their innovation, dedication and perspective...amazing!